Environmental Management System, ISO 14001 Standard

This Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standard enables organizations to demonstrate that they are responsible and committed to protecting the environment. This is achieved through the management of environmental risks, which consider the environmental aspects and impacts that may arise from the development of business activity.

It presents a series of benefits. In addition to protecting the environment, complying with this standard allows organizations to reinforce their commercial image as a sustainable and environmentally friendly company, thus increasing the possibility of making sales or providing services in the future. The current trend of organizations is based on concern for the environment and not only on obtaining profits.

The ISO 14001 standard works according to the PDCA method, that is, Plan, Do, Check and Act. Like other ISO standards, it presents a framework with concepts, structures and terms common to other standards of a different scope to facilitate its implementation.

Benefits of ISO 14001

– Improved business performance

– Reputation improvement

– Helps the organization adapt to changes

– Management of environmental aspects and impacts, environmental risks

– Saving money


Services we offer:

– Courses with the International Certification of Exemplar Global:

o Lead Auditor in ISO 14001

o Internal auditors

o Root cause analysis

o Integration of ISO 14001 with other management systems

– QMS Environmental Management System implementation consulting

– Carrying out internal audits

– Carrying out pre-audits for certification

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