Potenciar Standard 1224:2019

What is a Standard?

They are those practices that can be taken and served with reference, pattern or model; and that can be applied in a personal and organizational way to improve results and benefits.


What is the Potenciar Standard 1224:2019?

The Potenciar Standard 1224: 2019 is an easy-to-apply management tool that has been developed by Gerardo Andres Moreno Yepez and by our company Potenciar International LLC, on the basis of international studies, for the technical management of different types of Crisis and Risks, with the purpose of preventing them from showing their phases of damage and destruction; and in this way increase the benefits, results and profitability in organizations. The Standard Potenciar 1224: 2019 had its origin in Ecuador and has its patent registration internationally.

Based on the Standard Potenciar 1224: 2019, the Potenciar Management System is implemented, which is very easy to integrate with any other Management System based on national or international standards, allowing to strengthen management and increase organizational benefits.

The Standard Potenciar 1224: 2019, contains a new approach and a new way of thinking to address the technical management of all types of crisis generated mainly by human beings in interaction with organizations. The Standard Potenciar 1224: 2019 discovers and handles the management principles inherent to all these types of crises, where the concepts of risk and prevention are part of the 10 phases in time that it is necessary to manage permanently.

The Potenciar Model and the Standard Potenciar 1224: 2019 is very necessary and important to apply now in all types of organizations, due to the increase that exists throughout the world of these phases of destruction that bring associated economic, intangible and even human life losses, as demonstrated by the typology of crisis associated with COVID-19.

Potenciar Standard 1224: 2019, is an international standard for the prevention and management of ten permanent phases over time for different types of problems, risks and crises.

Based on the principle of managing before and after the destruction phases occur.


How does the Potenciar Standard 1224:2019 work?

Through the Potenciar Management System, the different types of problems, risks and crises are comprehensively managed with the integration of the following elements:

The differentiation that characterizes the Potenciar Standard 1224:2019 is that it allows handling the different typologies of problems and crises with a focus centered on them before they show their capacity for destruction; and considers other elements that are necessary in the management, in addition to the concepts of risk and prevention, which are very important but are not enough; part of these elements is the permanent management in 10 phases over time for all types of risk and crisis.

The fundamental ideas handled by the Potenciar Standard 1224:2019 are:
  1. The problem is not in what is known as a crisis, but the problem is in the proper management both before and after this phase of destruction or phase 5 occurs according to Potenciar Standard 1224: 2019.
  2. All the time we are experiencing the effects of the adequate or inadequate management of crisis typologies in their different management phases over time, in a cyclical way.
  3. There is nothing worse than types of uncontrolled crisis.
  4. Normally we prepare for the most obvious types of crisis or risks, but the less obvious are the most destructive and with the greatest losses, and there is usually very little preparation for them.
  5. The Potenciar Management System and the Potenciar Standard 1224:2019, discover and manage the management principles associated with any type of crisis and risk and facilitate their integration with any Management System or National or International Standards.
  6. The difference between Development and Underdevelopment is found in the adequate and permanent management of crisis typologies.
  7. The different types of crises and risks, especially those with the greatest impact, must go through the appropriate management phases over time, with the will and intelligence that as humans we have.

One of the most important aspects of the Potenciar Standard 1224:2019, is to help understand and transmit the principle that the problem is not what is called crisis or phase 5 of damage and destruction, but that the problem is in the management and handling both before and after these phases of destruction occur; This is a new way of thinking and action that needs to be managed in a world where the appearance of destructive phases of crisis typologies is on the rise.

The Potenciar Management System and the Potenciar Standard 1224:2019 are patented and have the Exemplar Global certification in their training courses for lead auditors and implementers.

With the certification of

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