Potenciar had its origin as an entrepreneurial model by Gerardo Andrés Moreno Yepez. Since 2000, Mr. Moreno saw the importance and the need for technical tools to manage crisis typologies, with an orientation in the awareness of early signs that happen and show their destructive capacity. Mr. Moreno initially made this approach known in South America in some companies and universities, yet, it was still a highly innovative and unique model which challenged people’s learned concepts and erroneous paradigms around the notion of crisis. Mr. Moreno has worked with international certifiers in areas related to quality, occupational health and safety, environmental management, good manufacturing practices, among others. In these schemes, he found the way to apply, to a certain extent, these new concepts related to the technical management of crisis and risk typologies. This was a challenge since, at a general level, people did not initially see that management systems handle different types of crisis.

In 2012, he created the company Potenciar, in Quito, Ecuador, with a focus on supporting both public and private organizations in the technical management of types of risks and crises. In 2016, and based on his experience, he created the Potenciar Model, and in the year 2017, he launched his book Potenciar, “Potenciar De Management of Safety, Risks and Crisis for Continuity, Innovation and Development”. This book had the support and endorsement of the Ecuadorian House of Culture. The information related to the Potenciar Model and the Potenciar Management System was registered with the Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property (IEPI) and has its Copyright registration in the USA.

In 2018, Mr. Moreno had the opportunity to travel to the USA and began working with a Swiss certifier. In May 2019, he established the company POTENCIAR INTERNATIONAL LLC. During this year, he established contact with some organizations and among them a company related to the aerospace and telecommunications industry who showed interest and saw the need and importance of applying the Potenciar Model in their organization. In the aerospace industry sector, exigency is high and here is where they saw the benefits of applying the Potenciar Model and integrating it with other international management systems.

“A Way to Wisdom” is the slogan of the company, as a result of the application of the Potenciar Model in the company JEM ENGINEERING LLC, with Nancy Lilly as the CEO and Jesus Morales as the Quality Manager, who stated that they understand the objective, scope and real results of the application of the Potenciar Model, being on its way to become the first certified company in the world in this new management model. Mrs. Lilly worked with Edward Deming in the development of the first versions of the quality standard and affirms that the Potenciar Standard has a greater scope and effectiveness in organizational results, in addition to being very easy to integrate with any other management system.

With the identification of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, Potenciar International LLC confirms the need to continue performing its services with the main goal for the world to achieve and gain a greater knowledge and understanding of these phenomena called Crisis and Risks, which mismanagement only brings unquantifiable financial and human damage and lost. Potenciar International LLC continues growing and providing services to achieve regional and global agreements and alliances to change and improve current issues in every market, industry, and sector to avoid the phases of destruction and damage.

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