About us

Potenciar International LLC, is an organization with a presence in North and South America, committed to offering professional consulting services, audits, implementation, training and certifications to companies and people of its product developed and patented STANDARD POTENCIAR 1224-2019 and business.

Through the promotion and implementation of STANDARD POTENCIAR 1224-2019, to manage types of crises and risks before they demonstrate their phases of destruction and damage; and generate hope for a better world, overcoming adversity, increasing the benefits and performance of organizations and businesses, providing confidence and satisfaction to both customers and stakeholders.


Provide business products and services based on Management Models that generate a favorable impact of continuous sustainability over time, development, performance and growth.



Development and strategic growth that allows generating a greater international reach.

A better and safer world based on the technical management of types of crises and risks, to avoid the presence of their destructive phases.


Potenciar´s goal

Promote the technical management of types of crises and risks, to prevent them from presenting their destructive and damaging phases, increasing the results, benefits and profits of businesses and organizations, and seeking the well-being of the lives of people and society.


Specific goals


 Promote and implement the Potenciar Model in different types of organizations, both private and public, regardless of their size or activity.

 Offer professional consulting, training, auditing, and certification services based on the Potenciar Model, on the Potenciar Management System, and other related standards and management systems.

 Manage types of crises and risks in their appropriate phases and cycles over time.

 With the application of the Potenciar Model to increase the performance, profits and results of organizations and businesses.

 Provide trust and satisfaction to the client and interested parties.

 Facilitate integration with any other management systems to improve and strengthen their effectiveness and efficiency.

 Support the establishment a bridge between development and underdevelopment by technically managing the different types of crises and risks; which are characterized for being fragmented and partially managed in time, bringing loss and destruction.

 Facilitate the understanding that development and well-being are the result of technical management of crisis typologies in a continuous cycle over time; considering its magnitude and levels of impact.

 Support the transfer of technology and knowledge to achieve better levels of development.

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