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Potenciar allows the integration, development and synergy of elements that ensure better results and benefits for your organization based on:

Well Documented

Consulting, training, audits and certification.

Intelligent Model

We integrate and consider other elements for Security, Development and Innovation that go beyond the concepts of Crisis and Risk Management.

High Performance

Increases the permanence and continuity over time of organizations.

Potenciar International LLC

We managePotenciar Model Standard Potenciar 1224:2019 Potenciar Management System

Main Ideas in Regards to the Potenciar Model:

Proactive Approach

The concepts of risk and prevention are important but they are not enough. The types of crises and risks must go through the appropriate management phases over time.

Hope in a better world

With the technical management of types of crisis we create hope for a better world, oriented so that the different types of crises do not show their destructive capacity or phase 5 of the Potenciar Model.

Development and Wellbeing of Organizations

With the implementation of the Power Model, the performance and results of private and public organizations are increased; the technical management of types of crisis before they happen is a key factor of organizational success.


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Jesús Morales.
Architect Luis Castaneda.
With the certification of

Anti-Destruction Potenciar Auditor Certification

The POTENCIAR book is available worldwide in physical and digital libraries.

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